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We appreciate your continued loyalty and trust in The Grand Royal Swiss Hotel. As we gear up to adopt to the new routine occasioned by COVID-19, our commitment and responsibility towards your well-being is our utmost priority. In addressing the unique challenges presented by this pandemic, we have raised our standards considerably to fit the “new normal” standards as illustrated below.

Raising the Bar to the New Normal

With the guidelines from the Government of Kenya | Ministry of Health | Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife | WHO, the below new protocols have already been implemented, an indication of our commitment to keeping our associates, guests and customers safe.

Deep & Frequent Cleaning
  • Enhanced cleaning protocols to disinfect every space more frequently and especially during peak hours are in place.
  • Consistency and frequency in disinfecting all high-touch items like elevator buttons and door handles.
  • More hand sanitation added at various stations throughout the hotel, particularly in high traffic areas.
Less Physical Contact
  • We are all following social and physical distancing practices, reducing allowable capacity in spaces, have increased distance between furniture and are managing queuing areas in conformity of the same.
  • Implementation of express check-ins through effective pre-arrival communication.
  • Enabling e-Bill | e-invoice which are touch free mediums rather than manual.
Privacy & Safety
  • Additional deep cleaning of guest rooms prior to guest arrivals is in place.
  • We have removed non-essential high-touch items which can’t be sanitized.
  • We have enabled on-call room services for amenities required by our guests.
  • There will be NO Mini Bar service in the rooms.
  • There will be NO Turn down services in the room during the guest stay, unless or until requested by the guest.
  • Strictly NO-entry to guest rooms by any associates during the guest stay, unless or until requested by the guest for any emergency services.

Certified Safe for your Stay

A Collective Responsibility

Given that the new norms are a collective responsibility by our associates, our guests and customers, we are regularly monitoring the new protocols and directions by the Government and Authorities to ensure safety is priority and likewise, we expect all our guests to equally take steps to protect everyone’s health. Ensure to travel only when feeling well, practice good hand hygiene and maintain social distancing in high-traffic areas throughout the hotel. Furthermore, we welcome any suggestions from you on what we could be doing better.

This is How we Do It

Our standards, procedures and policies have been created to highlight the below norms as per the guidelines from Government of Kenya | Ministry of Health | Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife | WHO:

  • We have explored and are now implementing practices with “e” services in our hotel.
  • Greetings have been modified to a nod | wave | or a bow, while continuing to ensure guest needs are met.
  • Guests and associates are encouraged to practice physical distancing by standing at least 2 meters away from others in any area where queuing is done. Most such areas are however clearly marked and these will guide you accordingly.
  • Lobby furniture, restaurant | Bar | Lounge layouts and other public area seating areas are reconfigured to the right distancing recommended.
  • All associates wear a face mask as part of the uniform.
  • All guests and customers are required to wear personal face masks.
  • High emphasis on hygiene and cleanliness is in place.
  • Deeper, more frequent cleaning is currently happening.
  • The implementation of temperature testing for guests and associates in our hotel is mandatory as per the direction by the Government.
  • Kindly note that all guests, associates and staffs will only access the premises after exhibiting the recommended body temperature i.e. below 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • While serving food and beverages, hotel will continue to follow guidelines from the authority as applicable.
  • We have minimized items like condiments | silverware | glassware |napkins | towels in guest rooms and on tables to allow for effective disinfection in between each guest. Guest can call us at the front desk and assistance and services will be delivered as per the request.
  • Guest payment methods at the time of check-in and check-out have been modified and encourage guests to avoid settling bills by cash.

Covid-19 Case Protocols

We follow the directives from the Government and Ministry of Health. In the event that guests or associates get ill with COVID-19 related symptoms as below:

  • We isolate the guest or associate to the isolation room in the hotel.
  • Immediately thereafter, the local health authorities are called and informed of the same.
  • Instructions given by the authorities are carefully followed.
  • In the event of a guest with a confirmed case of COVID-19, his or her guest room will be removed
  • from service to undergo a specific cleaning protocol. The guest room will be kept sealed for 72
  • hours and the guest room will not be returned to service until the room is deemed safe, and consistent with the guidance of local health authorities.
  • Similar recovery protocols address public areas, associate offices and work areas.
  • Enhanced Cleaning
    Cleaning protocols are in place for every space of the hotel; especially for high-traffic areas and high touch surfaces.
  • Hand Hygiene
    Hand washing requirements for associates and guests; sanitizer dispensers are placed strategically throughout the hotel.
  • Less Contact
    Utilization of touch-less and low-touch solutions is the model in place. Guests are encouraged to pay by M-Pesa | Credit/Debit cards rather than cash.
  • Physical Distancing
    Modified floor plans with reduced seating capacities and queuing through floor signage are in place.
  • Minimize Reuse
    We are minimizing shared use items and appliances and using disposable, single-use items.
  • Training
    Training on the new norms and protocols for all associates is done continually.
  • Personal Protective Equipment
    Face covering masks are required of all associates, guests and customers.
  • Express Checkin
    We are utilizing available technology to collect the guest details and ID/Passport copies
    prior to guest arrivals. We encourage guests to pay by M-Pesa | Credit/Debit cards.
  • Queues
    We encourage queuing through floor labels and have signage to remind guests of physical
    distancing requirements.
  • Associate Care
    We request guests to use sanitizer and will ensure a maximum of 02 guests at the reception
    area. We’ll also sanitize all guest used pens before and after guest use.
  • Hand Sanitizer
    Dispensers are stationed throughout hotel, with focus in high-traffic areas.
  • Disinfecting Key Cards
    These are disinfected between stays; keys are always sanitized prior to handover to guests.
  • Bell Carts
    Luggage will be sanitized after associate touch; bell carts too will be sanitized after each use.
  • On-Call Assistance
    Guests can call numbers 100 / 200 from their rooms for any assistance required.
  • Check Out
    Contactless payment methods to facilitate social distancing are now applicable. Guests are
    encouraged to pay by M-Pesa | Credit/Debit cards rather than cash.
  • Deep Cleaning
    Deep cleaning between guest stays; keep the used rooms for 72 hours after guest check-out; focused on using the right chemicals in every single part of the room. Disinfection of all furniture, fixtures and surfaces.
  • Amenities on Call
    Keeping minimum towels in the room; no mini bar items; amenities will be provided to room on call to front desk at 100
  • High-Touch Items
    Deeper cleaning of high-touch items
  • Removal of Non-essential Items
    Reducing or removing non-essential high-touch items (magazine or books etc.)
  • Associate Entry + PPE
    Modifying in-stay housekeeping frequency; turn down service only on request.
  • In-Room Dining
    Highly recommend in-room dining
  • Reduced Seats
    Modified floor plans and reduced seatings to ensure physical distancing; surfaces sanitized
    between guest use.
  • Reservations
    Defined occupancy and seating times; require reservations to control flow when busy.
  • Food Safety
    Appropriate PPE use for food handling; compliance with industry food safety protocols;
    elimination or strict modification of self-service food stations.
  • Bar Service
    Frequent cleaning of all bar equipments; modified procedures for garnishes and glassware.
  • Alternate Menu Options
    Limited Menu with options can be discussed with guest. Customize the order.
  • Grab & Go
    Modified food delivery options including take away.
  • Pay-at-Table Options
    Reduced handling of guest personal property; alternate payment options including
    contactless self-checkout.
  • Registration
    We have in place separate Registration areas and have added necessary signage for awareness on the present state together with clearly marked meeting entrances/exits.
  • Room Sets | Table Settings
    No or limited linen table options where ever possible; customized floor plans with seating capacities reviewed for each individual meetings. Sanitized audio-visual equipment; assistance on call; minimized table settings; follow distancing protocols.
  • Breaks
    Single-serve and pre-packaged condiments are preferred with breaks coordinated across groups to manage guest traffic. Snacks to be served to the guest rather than self service.
  • Meals
    Modified buffets with servers to be used with enhanced queue management.
  • Cleanliness
    More frequent cleaning will be done in high traffic areas and during breaks.
  • Request & Billing
    Touchless options for settling bills. E-bills/e-invoices will be provided and reduced handling of planner’s personal meeting materials.
  • Deep Cleaning
    Ongoing is the sanitization of equipment, treatment rooms and lounge areas between uses; disinfection of all furniture, fixtures and surfaces; sanitization of hair dryers and other guest amenities.
  • Sanitisation Station
    Hand sanitizer stations are placed strategically in the common areas.
  • Pre-Booking
    Kindly book your spa and gym visit prior, to enable physical distancing protocols to be implemented. Limited guests will access the Gym and Spa in line with the distancing requirements. Longer appointment lengths will be observed to allow for deep cleaning between sessions.
  • Locker Rooms
    Lockers and keys will be sanitized between uses.
  • Payment
    Contactless payment methods to facilitate social distancing where applicable. Guests are encouraged to pay by MPESA | Credit/Debit cards and provide E-Bills.

Delighted Guests Say

  • The service was the best. I loved it.The facility was great. To be precise I would rate it as the best hotel do far. Next time we need a place for my family and friends. I'll always OPT for it. My wedding coming up soon, we might OPT for the place. Thanks -Blessed Shiko

  • Easily accessed from Kisumu. Clean, has free space and also fully furnished recreational facilities. The hotel is affordable. The STAFF are professional, friendly and ready to help ! -Moryn_041

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